It’s time?

Esther 4 . Matt 17: 1-13

Esther is rightly fearful of King Xerses’ power to take or spare her life. Persian might, up close, more palpable than our recent screen images of war atrocities and military displays. She is rightly distressed, as Mordecai is, of the impending annihilation of the Jews, by her King’s edict.

Such  world events, for Mordecai,  evoke faith in God to deliver the Jews and maintain His promises. Such events, for Esther, if she remains silent, continuing to hide her Jewish identity- which up to now has been possible and practical – will bring her destruction.

‘For such a time as this’. Her royal position may not be just a lucky break for a pretty orphan making it on the then biggest  world stage, but a result of a deeper action – God’s control of events to see His plan and purposes prevail.

‘For such a time as this” – a crisis time. A time to be courageous. Risks. Trust or panic? Action or silence?

After fasting, Esther responds bravely ‘if I perish, I perish’. I suspect she prayed too. Perhaps something like, “Lord, here I am. Use me in your purposes today in bringing about your plan, in whatever way you have designed for me”.

For such a time as this. Is this a time for you to be courageous? Not meaning the courage for your  purposes – to ask for a wage rise, to tell someone what you think of them, to do some public speaking… , but the courage to seek His will, in prayerful dependence, to show His love and salvation to a world in real distress. What will that look like for you?

Matthew’s account of the transfiguration lifts the lid of another dimension – bright light, blinding awe, the terrifying voice of God. Oh, and people having a chat! Our senses can’t cope , even with a little peek. But that is true reality. God. His infinite power, wisdom, glory and love. The voice declares His Son, the relation of love and delight; God’s will being perfectly done in His Son, the true Israel who Moses and Elijah witness to. Listen to Him!

We would do well to encourage each other to spend  time focusing on His reality, listening to Him, rather than a frantic response to what we see as our immediate pressing concerns.


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  1. Thanks Phillip. As we prayed together this morning this was one of our parting intercessions that we might hear God speaking to us as we go through the busyness of our daily lives.

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