In this anonymous Psalm, the writer reflects upon the day when the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem and he praises God for his promise to perpetuate David’s line.


Jerusalem, the city of David, had been ruled by an unbroken line of his descendants. Now God promises that one of these descendants would be placed on Judah’s throne to rule “for ever and ever” (v.12)


As well as this, God had chosen Zion as the  location for His temple. Israel’s future was secure (v.13,14)


In our world there are many uncertainties – health issues, employment issues, drug issues, terrorist issues etc. Who could not help but feel a little uneasy?


We might feel that way….but the facts of the matter are entirely different, because the fact is that we face a future that is totally secure.


In Christ, God’s oath to David was fulfilled.


We worship and serve the very same God….the God who loves us….is completely trustworthy….and has secured the future of all who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus.



Have a great Lord’s Day,



Peter Clark.


One thought on “A SECURE FUTURE

  1. Sadly, we cannot trust too many people implicitly these days.
    Joyfully though we CAN trust the one and only ONE without fear of any kind.
    Thank you Jesus.

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