Unity – the desired outcome of people who love the Lord

Today’s reading is the very short Psalm 133

A quick look at current world events shows what it’s like when there is disunity. Then think of times when you have been in complete unity with another. The contrast could not be more striking. The first leads to strife and senseless destruction; a broken society where everyone suffers, the innocent and the combatants. The second leads to well-being, harmony and creative activity, the outcome of synergy when people combine with a common purpose.

Now look around you as you sit in the congregation. Do we “live together in unity”? It is said that we can choose our friends but we can’t choose our relatives. Yet since we worship God through the same Jesus Christ those you see around you are truly “blood relatives”. You are sitting with your brothers and sisters. What do you need to do to achieve or sustain unity?

Take note of how David describes this unity in the Psalm. The oil of anointing was sweet-smelling and expensive. It was used when consecrating the High Priest and in other times of festivity. It became a symbol of everything joyful, happy and beautiful. Our Christian service for each other is to be as abundant as the oil that flowed onto the collar of Aaron’s robe.

Unity is described also as the “dew of Hermon”. The scene is a high mountain so thick with cloud that the evening dew saturates the earth and sustains all life. This dew – our unity – permeates everything and is sustaining in a gentle and refreshing way. In our unity we are experiencing God’s blessing to us.

Finally we have the revelation that the final destiny of God’s people is eternal life. May that awe-inspiring destiny encourage each of us to work towards the unity of all believers.


2 thoughts on “Unity – the desired outcome of people who love the Lord

  1. Thanks Neville. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if under the prompting of the Holy Spirit we would seek out that brother or sister whom we have been avoiding and aim for reconciliation . Matt 5:24 Go and be reconciled … very powerful words for the church family. A church that is working in unity will be a church that in each persons life will desire to honour Christ in everything including relationships. No power in hell can stand against a church that has unity. Remembering that unity is not uniformity. We all have different gifting given by the same Spirit for the building up of the body of believers.
    Who is that brother or sister -they may even be a relative – with whom we need to be reconciled with today or this week? The Holy Spirit wants to move, hopefully we are not hindering Him because of our stubborn hearts.

    Today if your hear His voice do not harden your hearts. Hebrews 3:7-8

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