Psalm 134

The final song of ascents gives us a brief but climactic description of corporate worship. God’s servants bless God. God blesses us. It is better together. It strikes me that corporate worship is uniquely beautiful and profoundly different to individual devotion. It builds on the theme of Psalm 133 which is that unity of God’s people is wonderful. In such unity we can praise God together, moving as one yet each bringing something slightly different to blessings and praises. Together we can share different stories of how God is working in our life, through times of plenty and times of struggle, which in their differences create a kaleidoscope of God’s character. A choir of many thousands of voices stirs up deep joy that echoes through the heavens. I was once thinking about this and I pictured a sea anemone with wavy tentacles moving in time with the currents of the ocean. In a similar way we can all “stand” alongside each other and wave our hands (metaphorically and literally) in time with the movements of God’s Spirit in his church. What a joyful and light way to work in service to Him. May our gatherings be a foretaste of this heavenly reality.



10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord Oh My Soul) by Matt Redman


One thought on “Psalm 134

  1. Thanks Matt. I too appreciate the sense of unity when we all praise our mighty God together in song, and in prayer, during a service. I often think how unique we all are with different expectations of how “church” should look and yet we continue to meet together under the Lord’s name because it is Him that we are there for, not ourselves. 10 000 reasons – what a great song to have in my head today!

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