Jer 7:1 – 8:3. Matt 26:1-13

The woman who anoints Jesus is unknown, but remembered. Remembered for what she did. A symbolic and real recognition that Jesus is King, she gives  a very public demonstration. It is a costly act for her, both financially and in the eyes of those indignant disciples who judge her. Whilst loving the poor is important, recognizing who Jesus is , and loving, valuing Him is most important. Jesus affirms the woman in this with his words, and points out that the way of His kingship and rule will be through death.

Jesus pours out His life, the most costly sacrifice, for us, in love. May our hearts respond, in kind to Him.


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  1. Thank you Phil. My Bibles notes say that this woman was Mary, Martha’s sister. She often gets confused with the woman in Luke 7 who was just called a sinful woman, who washed Jesus feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair as she poured perfume on them. Mary, however, “got it”. She understood what was going to happen to Jesus. Her heart was prepared to show her Lord extravagant worship. Costly worship. I think that far too often we are more concerned about what others may think rather than just be concerned with what Jesus thinks. Jesus looks upon the hearts of those who call Him Lord. And if its only in word and not in living it out He will be far away from us. If you love Me you will keep My commands. Which ones do you think He meant? Think it’s the first two. To love the Lord with all your heart, mind soul and strength and to love your neighbour as yourself. May we be prepared to give Jesus our all. He deserves no less.

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