Today’s readings are Genesis 1:1-2:3 and Ephesians 5:1-6:9

It won’t be long before it is Christmas. However, I cant’ help but wonder about the impact of Ephesians  5 and 6, which flows on from Paul’s ongoing challenge to live as children of light at such a time of year.

I am captured by the opening words of chapter five, “Be imitators of God…and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.” All that follows will drive us to re-think our lives, our attitudes, our desire to amass more and more as we seek to truly live different and full lives. We are called to be ‘very careful’ (15) in how we live, to be ‘wise’ to ‘make the most of every opportunity’ followed by a powerful list of what is commonly called household codes that affect husbands, wives, parents and children.

It would do us all good to consider our lives and to think on ‘what the Lord’s will is’. As we run into Christmas next week all that is spoken off will be tested. Husbands and wives will be stretched as they seek to do all that they need to do before the year ends. As children finish school, parents will be tested and fathers need to remember, to ‘not exasperate your children’. In every relationship we are open for tensions to run high. So be mindful of that and acknowledge the change has happened as we no longer live in darkness, but now live as children of light.

This Christmas ask yourself what has changed from last year? How differently am I am living?

In life and depending on the time of year, chapters like this can feel like a bomb going of in our hearts and minds.

Blessings from your pastor.





One thought on “Explosions

  1. Thank you Ian. A few words in v10 stood out for me,……”and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord”. That sums up everything for me. How different would things look if believers ( I’m speaking to myself ) took this verse to heart. A real challenge.

    As I picked up some dry cleaning this morning from Corrimal the owner said to me,”You go to Figtree Anglican Church don’t you Connie”, “Yes”, i replied,”Well they did a great job last Saturday night at the carols, our whole family went”. “Great”, I replied,” I believe they wanted people to know that God loves them”. He replied,” Yes we got that”.

    Well done FAC!!!

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