Todays Reading’s are 1 Samuel 2:1-10 & Luke 1:39-56

The Story of Christmas is a heart tugger! Mothers meeting each other, babies leaping in wombs, people being filled with the Holy Spirit just to mention a few.

John and Jesus meet symbolically through their mothers. How amazing to think that even before they were born, John the Baptist started pointing to Jesus.  Even though Elizabeth plays a minor role in the story of Christmas, we should never forget that she believed that God would do what he said he would. Elizabeth was blessed (v43) simply because the “Mother of my Lord should come to me.”

Makes me ponder with only a few days to go before Christmas 2015, do we still believe that we are blessed because the Lord himself came to us?  Do our hearts ‘leap’ at the blessings that flow to us?

Too often we think that unless we have all the money in the world our Christmas celebrations will not be as good as others. Do not think that way. The passage before us and especially Mary’s song shows us that God  honours the poor and humble. He looks more closely at those who are less well of then we tend to do.

As Mary rejoiced, her song echoed so much about the ministry of Jesus that would soon come to pass. He would lift up the lowly, honour the humble and feed the hungry.

This Christmas think about the blessings you have received, think about the child who would become a king. Help others, rejoice with many and remember to be merciful to those who need it most.

Ian Barnett









One thought on “Blessed

  1. Thank you Ian. I was listening to some Christmas teaching today it was either Martyn Lloyd Jones or Alistair Begg but he was explaining that when Jesus was born there was no room for Him. And how today really there is no difference. There is no room for Him in our hearts because He is crowded out by so many other things. A good reminder to make room for Jesus in our lives. Something that also spoke to my heart was that Jesus was wrapped in cloth when He was born and placed in the manger and when Jesus died He was also wrapped in cloth and placed in a borrowed tomb. His life wasn’t cluttered up with “stuff”. Another timely reminder. May we look to the giver our Heavenly Father for His wonderful gift to humanity with fresh eyes and grateful hearts.

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