A Day In The Life

Today’s reading are  Genesis 18:1-5 and  Luke 6:43-49.

If you have been reading Luke’s gospel, then you are certainly off to a good start for 2016. Why? Because Jesus speaks so clearly about what it means to follow him, especially when it comes to what we have in our hearts! What is in our heart is revealed in how we act and how we speak. Our hearts will always betray us. For it is out of the abundance of our hearts that our mouths speak.

This should not surprise us. Because our own experience show us this truth. If we stopped for a minute or two and pondered what we have said over the many years of this life we have lived, than we know too well the truth of what Jesus shares.

“If a tree is known by its fruit”, then so are his people. The implications are very significant for us all. What we let in, what we listen to, view and read all in some way or another shape our hearts. Over time our hearts and what is in them is more and more revealed. And no, we cannot wind back the clock, but we can, as each day comes, be wise in this area as we seek to honour God.

Of course this stands out even more with the most powerful illustration (vs. 46-49) about building your house on sand. What disasters await those who choose a different path and who consider God’s word not worthy of being the foundation of our lives. Yet, it is worse than that because the story speaks of a man who heard and did nothing, literally ignored the advice he was given and went and did his own thing.

Over the last week or two this has stood out to me again because the wind in the Illawarra has once again blown. The trees around our house can only stand because of what lies beneath. Their root system has to be deep to withstand all that natures throw at them. This has to be the very lesson that we as God’s people need to take to heart. If anything matters in this life, it has to be tied in with the simple question, what foundation have you built your life on?

Finally, let us be clear, to call Jesus Lord, is to simply say that he should be obeyed. May that be the case for you and I in 2016 and beyond.

Blessings from a fellow traveller.

Ian Barnett