Faith and Compassion

Today’s reading is Luke 7:1-17
This passage of the Bible contains two well-known stories. In the first, the faith of the Centurion is praised. He knew what Jesus could do. That Jesus could simply speak without physically being there and his servant would be healed. It is a simple faith and this is how God works. He can do the impossible through His word. Our role is to simply trust Him. In the second story, what strikes me is Jesus’ immediate compassion and how this compassion drove Him into action – to bring a dead person back to life. These stories are good reminders of the power of God and His willingness to look after His people.
Prayer – Our heavenly Father. You are all powerful and able to do anything through your Word. Thank you that you are so compassionate and You care for everyone of our needs. Like the Centurion, may we have a simple faith, bring everything to You in prayer, and trust You for the outcome.