A Good Grounding

A short but sweet psalm. It very much feels like Psalm 1 both serves as a template for many psalms to come and also for Jesus’ teaching and parables. The opening line would be right at home with the beatitudes then continues with similar imagery that are echoed in a number of parables.

The challenge is to remain in the word – to stay connected to the source of life (John 15 anyone?). To delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it.

How is your heart? Does it yearn for the daily sustenance of God’s word? Is it regularly connected to the life source? Are you able to stop and meditate on the living word of God? Is it changing you? Growing you?

Without God’s word I would be a mongrel of a man. Without remaining in it I would make some very poor choices indeed.  My desire is to not be on the path of destruction but to be watched over by our great Lord and Savior and walk with him. I pray that is your desire too.