The Great Contributors

Todays readings are Genesis 22 and Luke 8:1-15.

I hope your 2016 is going well. The good thing about constantly reading and re-reading scripture is that different things stand out and grab your attention.

That has certainly been the case for me as I read Luke 8:1-15. In the past every time I have be called up to reflect or write on this passage my focus has always been the  parable of the soils and its meaning. This parable reminds me again and again that fruit doesn’t happen overnight.

The things that seems to interest Jesus is not a person’s reaction to God’s word in  a single moment but over a long period of time. It is all part of a life long journey.

However, I digress as it is the first 3 verses that stick out to me on this occasion.

Mary, Joanna and Susanna. women in leadership all contributors to Jesus ministry. Doing so out of their own means. Going above and beyond status and social class and assisting the Master in his work. Way to go. What an example they set then and for us today.

Luke points out that these faithful women, provided financially not only for Jesus but also for the ministry of the disciples. Not just the three but others also helped.

It is important to remember the role others played in Jesus ministry as he went from town to town proclaiming the good news. It may be especially important to remember the role that women played because I know I can be guilty of not remembering as I should.

Thank God for Mary, Joanna and Susanna who have now be recorded in history.

Ian Barnett





One thought on “The Great Contributors

  1. Thank you Ian. Thru the years I have met many women just like myself who have decided to follow Jesus without their husband coming along. Often they wonder how they can give to the work of supporting the ministry of Jesus particularly when they do not have their husbands blessing. I have found out that you can be very resourceful just like these women were. You can be creative to use what God has given you. Some were able to forgo their coffee money to give towards ministry. Others would put a little aside from time to time to give towards the work of ministry. Others would not purchase something for themselves but rather give towards to work of the Gospel. Creativity is the key and a willing heart. When you have met Jesus you have a desire to support in His work. Just don’t put God in a box because we serve a creative God, Who will show each person how to support the work of ministry individually because we are not all the same nor are we all to do things exactly the same.

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