Your faith matters too!

Today’s readings are Genesis 40 and Galatians 1:11- 25

Last Saturday, in this blog, we looked briefly at our belief and why it matters that we believe in God. Connie took a final point a little further for us and wrote of Jesus’ ability to help us out of situations that seem, to our narrow thinking, are unable to be resolved.   (You can review last Saturday’s Blog by scrolling down or by using the Previous button that appears on the full screen display. [Or by clicking here — Ed.])

Jesus uses the mustard seed and the size of the tree it grows to as a demonstration of what faith can do. Peter demonstrated faith through his emboldened courage to step out of the boat and onto the water.  Faith in his saviour, Christ.

But it is not all big steps of faith.  There are small indicators too.

While Joseph demonstrates faith of a large kind in following the crooked path from shepherd-boy to king-like man, he also demonstrates his faith in small ways. While this account does not show us Joseph too closely his action in the household as a prisoner and as servant to the Pharaoh’s senior servants does not show a man overly troubled by his circumstance.  I would suggest we are seeing a man confident and comfortable in God’s care.

For an example of Joseph’s small demonstration of his faith look at his answer to the baker and cup bearer as they sought an interpretation of their dreams.  See verse 8. Then Joseph provides the interpretation provided by God.

So what of Paul’s faith.  This Galations passage gives us a good summary of Paul’s path from road side conversion to active preacher and convincer for Christ.  One of the central items here, about verse 18, is Paul relying on God for his guidance and support and further education.  He writes emphatically that he did not seek earthly advice in preparing to preach the gospel to the Gentiles

So a man who knows the Israelite law and customs becomes a Christian. preacher. His experience on the roadside generates faith in the risen Christ such that the Good News must be taken to the Gentiles whatever the danger and opposition.  So begins a whole account of the preaching about the Saviour and the opportunity to be a child of Christ and a member of His church.

Joseph and Paul allowed their faith in God to become a part of their lives and they lived to accomplish the tasks set aside for them to protect the nation of Israel for Joseph and for Paul to begin the work of taking the gospel to the whole world.

So what does your faith allow, no compel you to do?

Glenn Murray


5 thoughts on “Your faith matters too!

  1. Thanks Glenn. I’ve added a direct link to last Saturday’s post in your opening paragraph 🙂

  2. Thanks Phillip, I do that too. No worries, Its just part of living our busy Christian lives.

  3. Thanks Glenn. Lots of thought for reflection in these two passages. Its easy to become bitter when we are overlooked by others. People will always let us down and not stick to their word. If we have a strong grasp of Gods sovereignty in these situations we, like Joseph will sense that God is in control and at the right time He will provide another opportunity. Often He is working on my heart whilst we are waiting. What my heats attitude is towards those whom have wronged me. Always remembering that God constantly looks upon the heart of a person. Joseph wanted God to get the glory in this situation may we do the same.

    With Paul I too need from time to time reflect on who and what I was before I found forgiveness in Jesus. I was selfish and lived for myself. I was promiscuous looking for love in all the wrong places. I was an idolator putting my trust in the things of the world. But because of Gods great love even for me Ive been given a brand new beginning and am by no means stand condemned because of my past. I love how Paul is free to talk about who he was, “How I violently persecuted Gods church. I did my best to destroy it” v13. Only someone who has truly experienced Gods amazing grace can talk about their old life and not be ashamed. It certainly forms part of their testimony. If only people were prepared to listen……………..

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