The I view

What does this day hold? What things do you see ahead that have grabbed your attention? What will you give yourself to, what demands will be made of you? As you and I think of our selves, does ‘ I’  have the central role?

Genesis 42 shows how bad a day can go ; hunger, fear of harm, accusations, imprisonment, and trembling from anxiety. Clearly a lot to grab their attention. Would it ‘work out’, would I be okay? What the brothers couldn’t yet see was there was something much bigger than themselves occurring. God’s bigger plan and purposes, much bigger than their immediate emotions and reactions.

Galatians2:11-21 deals with the big event of the Gospel, and how I died.

Paul is ferocious. Don’t get in his way if it distorts the great news of Jesus, even if you’re Peter. You’ll be told you’re not acting in line with the truth and clearly in the wrong. Peter and others were wanting to add observation of certain laws, in addition to the free grace of God. Not by observing the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ , Paul repeats  for emphasis in v16. That Peter was clearly in the wrong – shows that leaders, who had seen up close the love and sacrifice of Jesus, can fall back into this trap. “Look at me”. Look at what I can do, what I can offer, how pleasing I can be. Me Me Me. I. I. I.

When, as fallen creatures, we declare our independence, our autonomy, we replace His rule, His Glory with our own. Singular, self justifying.

The Gospel of Christ brings crucifixion to I,( v20). I no longer live. We were never made to be autonomous, singular. We were created by God to be connected to something vastly bigger than ourselves. Bigger than our own desires and goals, opinions and appetites. We were designed by God so that every aspect of us would be connected to Him. In Christ that is fulfilled. Christ in you, you in Christ. Connected in love, by sacrifice to the very source of life; a relation of love and unity. The final definition of true life and love.

So as we seek His face today, enjoy the wonder and grace of life with Him, knowing we are no longer alone. May we look at Him, aware how easily we look at ourselves, and know that this day and all our days are lived by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us.



One thought on “The I view

  1. Thank you Phillip. Once I matched the reading with the writers i was good!! As I read the account of the brothers I was drawn to the fact that as Christians we shouldn’t have any skeletons in our closets. I suppose the brothers just went on with life as usual. Putting what they did to Joseph far back in their memory. But God had other ideas. God has a way of dealing with our sin one way or another. I remember once being terribly rude to another colleague at work – she had made some passes at my spouse and I gave her a piece of my mind – a rather large piece. Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now a born again believer and God puts this woman in my path on a plane. She was a crew member!! The first thing I recalled was what I’d said to her back then. God had perfectly orchestrated our paths to cross and He was looking at my heart to see if, as a brand new believer – of only 2 months – I was willing to humble myself and apologise to the person. I told Him I would and then I stated looking for her. The strangest thing was though I just couldn’t find her. She was no where to be found. I just think that the Lord was seeing if I was willing to apologise and praise Him I was.

    We must learn to keep short accounts with God and with man. If there are things in our past that we need to bring to the cross of Jesus may we do so. May we not fool ourselves into thinking that God doesn’t care because He does and one day one way or another He will want to bring those things which we think are hidden out into the Light. May He give to us the Grace we need.

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