Things not going to plan?

What do you do when things don’t quite go how you planned?

I watched a guy at Ikea recently attempt and put a flatpack into his car.  I don’t think he had measured the car before making the purchase. Or maybe he had.  His perseverance ended up paying off, he got the goods into the car.  Only problem… no room for the passenger. 🙂 It got me thinking about how often that scenario (perhaps with a different ending) plays out at a place like Ikea.  All the future thoughts, hopes and dreams (how this flat pack will solve all my problems… once i get it together) quickly crushed, or at least delayed.

When Moses and Aaron rock up to Pharaoh, they are filled with expectation. Not only has God called Moses, he has promised him that he will deliver the Israelites. Even better, he has given Moses some pretty nifty powers to perform before Pharaoh (Exodus 4:21).

In chapter 5, things don’t quite go to plan. Pharaoh doesn’t let the people go.  Worse, he makes them work harder. worse again – the supervisors get in the way (I’m resisting the jokes here..).

Moses despairs at what is taking place.  Things have got worse for the people, not better. Consider his questions (v22):

Why, Lord, why have you brought trouble on this people?

Is this why you sent me?

and his accusation (v23),

you have not rescued your people at all.

In time Moses would see God’s grander power and work. He would see God rescue his people.  He would see blessing and not trouble come on God’s people.

Sometimes I find myself in shoes like Moses. Sure, he is different to me – but he reminds me of my humanity.  Knowing the promise of God and trusting the promise of God are two different things.

I’m glad that God didn’t render Moses incapable because of his questions and accusation.

I’m glad that God is big enough and secure enough to hear the doubts of his people.

I’m glad that in the midst of those doubts and accusations he revealed himself to Moses, and graciously taught him to trust.

I’m glad that God is the same with you and I today – growing our ability to trust even when we despair that things don’t quite seem to be lining up with his promises.

However today pans out, may we our eyes look to him and our heart increase in trust of him.




2 thoughts on “Things not going to plan?

  1. What reassuring words to read to start the day Ron. Thanks 🙂
    I love that through God’s plan, we can turn to the bible for such great examples of His amazing grace and power.

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