Do Something God…….soon

I don’t know if you’re like me but sometimes I want God to do something obvious, big and to publicly authenticate his power in an undeniable way. Signs and wonders even.Something that doesn’t need faith, something that is self evident…..even the biggest skeptic would be found speechless!

Maybe this is driven by my lack of faith or wanting to be proven right about God to the unbeliever. I could say “There look at that, I told you God was BIG and could do anything”

In our 2 readings today there is a sense of that. In Exodus 6 God is reaffirming to Moses again that He will deliver the Israelites from Pharaoh’s hand by HIS “mighty hand” and his “outstretched hand” As we will later read God does indeed do something BIG but Moses still has his misgivings or doubts.

Again the Lord tells Moses to go to Pharaoh to ask him to “Let my people go”. Moses may have been confident at first but now in vs12 he’s intimating that he’s the wrong person for the job. As has already been said it’s still not about Moses’ ability to convince Pharaoh by clever argument but it’s about the power of the Lord….His might hand.

In Luke11:29-32 the crowds are getting bigger. many are coming to the “Jesus show” out of curiosity, some would not witnessed the previous miracles, some are asking for a miraculous sign (v16) as they had done in Matt12:38 and Mark8:11. Jesus rejects their request with strong words “wicked”. Their motive is wrong.

You want to see an amazing sign, wait for the sign of Jonah…..What????? As Jonah was “buried” in the belly of a fish for 3 days and after accomplished his mission of getting the Ninevites to repent so Jesus himself would be buried for 3 days before his resurrection.I don’t think the crowd would have understood this at the time! maybe they weren’t even interested, they just wanted to see something spectacular.

I still think signs and wonders are great….and Bring them on BUT…..

Father God help us cling to the biggest thing you have ever done – Forgiving us through the Lord Jesus’ death AND resurrection on the cross.



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  1. Thank you Al. John Piper has written a very balanced teaching on Signs and Wonders worth a read /listen.

    Are Signs and Wonders for Today? John Piper 25/3/90 -just google it!!!

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