Innocent or Guilty?

Today’s reading is Psalm 7.

This psalm makes you stop and think.

The psalm itself is one of David’s earliest and he is not yet King. A charge was brought against him which was designed to ruin his character. Many consider that it was all tied in with Saul’s attempt to take David’s life. So the stage is set, his enemies were circling and he needed to respond. So what does he do?

He turns in trustful desperation to God. “O Lord my God, I take refuge in you, save and deliver me from all who pursue me.” In asserting his innocence he seeks refuge in the only one he can. What follows from vs. 3-5, is his full assertion that he is innocent (3-5), not in such a way that he is self-righteous, but that he is willing to lay his life before our sovereign God.

You feel that after having done this and cleared himself of all charges he then turns on his enemies. One must have a clear sense of right and wrong to do this! Yet, David still acknowledges that he has to wait for complete vindication until the ‘Day of the Lord’ (vs9-11). We too feel this as we also need to wait for the ‘judgment seat of Christ’ (see Romans 1:18; 1 Thess. 1:10).

What impacts me is that David is not just seeking justice for himself, but he longs for the day when evil will come to an end.  His final words are to those who inflict evil as he calls them to change.

What is encouraging is that David accepts that God is holy and righteous and he could therefore depend on him to uphold the godly and protect them (v17). This s why he can, no matter the circumstances “give thanks to the Lord.”

What about us? Can we trust God to bring vindication to his children?

Blessings from Ian






2 thoughts on “Innocent or Guilty?

  1. Thank you Ian. David has an intimate relationship with God. He doesn’t hold back when he’s got a problem or if his heart is full of praise. It’s all about relationship. In a life group that I’m involved in outside of FAC we are doing a study titled Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. All about having an intimate relationship with the God of the universe and how to not get caught up in what will distract us from having this intimacy. It’s written from a woman’s perspective but it’s changing lives I’m sure there would be some treasures for the men as well.

  2. Thx Ian. I’m glad the Lord does not judge as David says in vs8: (I hope he was’nt over claiming!)
    “The Lord judges the peoples;
    judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness
    and according to the integrity that is in me.”
    Thankyou Lord for your grace.

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