Across The Street

Reading’s for today are Exodus 25 and Luke 17.

I am sitting across the road and I notice that about 10 people are receiving gifts, lots of gifts, they are hungry for more and they get more. It is an amazing sight to witness. I am wondering who it is who is handing out all the goodies? As it continues, I could tell that what was happening was going to have a life changing impact on them all. I continue to watch from a distance, it feels like being at the Royal Easter Show and the kids have that excited look on their faces as they get show bag after show bag after show bag.

Finally, those who are there have been fully blessed and they start to wander off. I soon realise that they had come empty handed but this stranger, whoever he was, had given then far more than they were expecting. They leave and it all goes quite. I stay sitting, pondering what had just happened, maybe even a bit jealous that I had not walked across the street to ask some questions.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I notice that there is only one who is walking back as he approaches this stranger. He drops all his stuff and falls on his knees. He is crying now and while I can’t hear what he is saying, it is evident that he has been profoundly impacted by the generosity of this person. I am a bit surprised that he is the one who came back, because by the clothes he wore he was different to the other 9. I think that at least one came back to say thanks. However, it did make me wonder what this stranger must have thought!

In Luke 17:11-19, this story appears. We do not have to wonder what Jesus thought when he cleansed the 10, “Were not all cleansed? Where are the other nine?” Was no one found to return and give praise to God except this foreigner?” (v17-18).

It makes you stop and wonder about how we express thanks and appreciation to others, let alone giving thanks to God for all that he has done.

This day is yours, why not thank God for all that you have and while you are at it thank someone who as helped you. And yes, they could even be living in the same house with you.

Ian Barnett




3 thoughts on “Across The Street

  1. Thanks Ian. When Peter and I say goodbye each night we are in the habit of thanking each other for what the other one has done for us that day. It is a good habit. After reading this I am determined to get into the same habit of thanking God for all the things He has done for me during that day. After all if I can do this for an earthly person how much more is it important to do it for God the giver of all things.

    Lindy Pegler

  2. Thank you Ian. I like the King James version where Jesus says in the last verse,”Thy faith hath made thee whole”. I wonder how many of us would say that they are “whole ” as a person? This mans physical body had been healed but it was his heart that had been changed as well. A heart that understands what Jesus has done for them will have an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness. Its a challenge to cultivate a grateful heart but its important. Its about always remembering the grace of God. Never loosing sight of how much Ive (we) have been forgiven and for Jesus to make our hearts whole.

    For all that You’ve done I will thank You,
    For all that Your going to do
    For all that You’ve promised
    And all that You are
    Is all that has carried me through,
    Jesus I thank you

    And I thank You, Thank You Lord, And I thank You, Thank You Lord.

    Thank You for loving and setting me free,
    Thank you for giving Your life just for me,
    How I thank You, Jesus I thank You,
    Gratefully thank You,
    Thank You. HILLSONG

  3. Thx everyone. I suspect generally as people we are not very good at expressing or even saying thanks to others and even God himself. For sure we have our “good” moments but more so we don’t. Thankyou Father, Son and Spirit!

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