Is Jesus Number 1 in my life?

Luke 18:18-43

This passage contains the well-known parable of the Rich Official.

It challenged me to consider if I am putting Jesus first in all areas of my life. On one level, it is easy to keep some of the commandments (v19-20) and still not make Jesus No. 1. Would I give up everything for Him – as He has done for me? I am still selfish at heart and know that when I examine myself there are still areas of my life that I haven’t fully handed over to Him as I should.

I love verses 29 and 30. Jesus emphatically states that no one who has put Jesus first, at the expense of family, relationships, achievements, or anything, “will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come, eternal life.” I take this to mean you won’t lose out in this life and have heaven to look forward to. Anyone who thinks that by following Jesus their life will be worse off – you have to give up things you enjoy – can take heart from this verse. And this should be true of us as Christians that we can say this. Knowing God should make our lives much more joyful.

Verses 31-33 is a good reminder, as we reflect on above and prepare for Easter, of how Jesus put God’s will and our salvation ahead of His own needs. And how Jesus suffered being mocked, insulted, spat on, flogged and killed.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for you sacrifice for me on the cross. For putting me first and giving up everything for me. Help me to put you first in my life. Reveal to me areas of my life where I am holding back and strengthen me to hand these over to you. I pray that your Spirit would move among our community and nation and convict people of their emptiness without You and of the joy of having a relationship with You. May more people leave their old life and follow You. Bring revival to our city, for all things are possible with You.


One thought on “Is Jesus Number 1 in my life?

  1. Thank you Tony. Jesus has a knack of putting His finger on the thing that needs addressing in our life. For the rich young ruler it was his wealth. For the woman at the well it was her lifestyle. Yet He does this with such gentleness. This is where we really see the work of the Holy Spirit convicting sinners of their sin. We don’t, He does.

    Revival is for the church. For the Holy Spirit to bring Christians to the end of themselves and start to live in His power. That can start with just one individual deciding to do life Gods way. May revival start with me (with you). May we start to look and behave like the church was meant to look like in the book of Acts (acts of the Holy Spirit), God will do hIs part if we do ours.

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