So Many Rules

So many rules! I too remember, as KD wrote about last week, the rules with which our children were raised. I didn’t allow much flexibility for our young children but I’m making amends by getting a second chance with grandchildren!

 God did not allow any flexibility though in the construction of these implements and formulation of fragrances for worship. I’ve read some comments from Matthew Henry where he suggests that the altar represented the Son of God in his human nature and the burning of incense constantly, morning and night, represented Jesus interceding for us. I wonder if particular services with certain necessary “smells” originate from this concept? 

 Fragrances can have a powerful effect on us by evoking memories from times long ago. I imagine the precise formula using these specific ingredients to create the oils would maintain the same perfume so when burnt would be a constant reminder of God and his promises. I also imagine the fragrances would disguise the blood offering odours!

 It is interesting to read about the census tax. All people were to give exactly the same amount of money to provide for their atonement and also to service the tabernacle. The souls of all God’s people must be equal in His sight, equal in danger and all needing a ransom. Same as today.

 I recall our children’s bath time being a happy daily event when they could play and then be subjected to the “mother scrub.” It seems for Aaron and his sons it was a much more serious task, a reminder of their daily sins and the need to repent every time before worshipping a holy God.

 This passage from Luke always moves me when I read how Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph but then wept over the people there, the same ones who would crucify him. I imagine his tears were also because he knew these sinful people would be condemned to be separated from the Living God because of their lack of interest in seeking repentance.

 It makes me think of how our society is providing and encouraging ways to exclude God, or any mention of Jesus, from our lives, from schools, from official occasions and in a myriad of other ways. What is going to happen to all those who never have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and his gift of salvation? Will it be their lack of interest in seeking repentance which will condemn them, or will it be because they don’t know their options? I think Jesus is weeping for our society too.

 If you get a chance to do the “Just Start Talking” course with Lachlan and Shenae, take it! We all need to better equipped with helpful conversations which will point those around us towards a loving and compassionate Saviour.

 I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will give us all courage and conviction to be able to express Jesus’ love to those around us.



2 thoughts on “So Many Rules

  1. Thx Iris. I too have mixed emotions with the Luke passage. I love the crowds noisy worship of Jesus proclaiming Him as King as He rode along but I wonder how many of the same crowd would raise their voices in a week or so with “crucify Him….free Barabbas” The fickleness of the human heart!

  2. Thank you Iris. A wonderful thing to be asking the Holy Spirit for but its going to cost. Its going to cost our time, our money. Its going to cost our plans but for those who are willing to pay the price there is no greater joy. This city needs to see unconditional love in action and we are the ones (the church) God has called to do this. Imagine if every person who attends FAC is able to do one random act of kindness to a stranger once a day I think we would see a huge change in not only our city but also our church.

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