Break an arm please God

Today’s reading is Psalm 10

In your sense of what is right are you sometimes perplexed at the wrongs of the world, the lack of justice, that evil seems to triumph, that the little people have no voice?

The writer of this Psalm certainly expresses this.He sees proud men prosper at the expense of the poor and helpless.They are arrogant, they are scheming they murder.They are boastful and have no regard for God.

Like many including the unbeliever the writer asks God “Why don’t you do something, Have you forgotten the afflicted, the powerless, the fatherless?”

I think the writer and we do this because we know this behaviour is totally opposite to God’s character and what He wants for his creation. We know the Lord loves good and hates evil.

I love verse 15

Break the arm of the wicked and evildoer;
    call his wickedness to account till you find none.

He calls God to action to stop this wickedness. I think we too (the church) need to call out to God with a sense of anger that evil prevails.We do not blame Him but like Him cannot bear to see evil triumph.

Of course we also need to see that evil does not find a home in our own heart!



2 thoughts on “Break an arm please God

  1. Thank you Al for that neat, succinct comment highlighting our dislike of injustice, and the.reminder to watch ourselves.

  2. Thanks Al. A great reminder to watch our own behaviours, esp for someone like me who has a keen interest in the Exodus 21:23-25 verses about eyes and teeth.

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