Why run?

One of our FDRs for today (Su 03/04/2016) is Psalm 11.

For some who study the Psalms this is a difficult passage as its form and word usage is different from those regular forms found in other psalms.

Written as if the author is placing themselves in the Temple we see refuge being taken in the Lord (v1) and the Lord being both in His holy place, most likely the Temple, and in Heaven at His throne (v4a).

So the author won’t take the advice of his friends and flee from the Temple and  perhaps to flee, away from God’s refuge, means to put oneself in danger of those lying in wait.

The middle group of verses places God, in Heaven and in the role of Judge who sees all and also from where He can deliver very harsh punishment.  In this Psalm the punishment mentioned ranks with that delivered on Sodom by supernatural forces.

In the last verse the word ‘righteous’ is repeated twice which implies that God is fair in judgement.  Finally the use of the words ‘behold His face’ in  the closing lines suggest again that the author has placed themselves in the Temple at prayer where it would be possible to see God’s face.

Yet today is no different.

We are placed after Christ’s resurrection, in which we receive everlasting life with God through our faith in Jesus.  Should we take some of our friends advice and flee from God’s side then we too make ourselves vulnerable to those who want us to fail in faith and turn to wickedness or sin.  We too have a promise that we shall see God if we stand firm.

Perhaps the New Revised Standard Version’s (NRSV) title for this psalm defines it best as “Trust in the Lord and do not panic.”

A Prayer – Lord as my life is tossed around with all the differences, pressures  and changes in life, guard me that I might not loose my way and flee from your side.   Keep me mindful of Your presence with me always and your never ending grace and love that sustains me.   Help me to hear my Christian friends and pastors as they seek to encourage me to walk on your narrow path tending and building my faith in you.   Protect me and make me deaf to those temptations of the evil one that will offend you and draw me away from your presence.  Through Christ my Lord.  Amen.

Glenn M