“The Righteous will hold to their ways”

“The Righteous will hold to their ways”

Job 16-17

Job’s response to the implications of Eliphaz’s words that it is the wicked who suffer torment (15:20), is to complain that God is treating him as an unrighteous man though he is not, that is, he is not in the categories operating in this book. Job claims, and apparently rightly claims, that he is a faithful man adhering to God with sincerity. Though his circumstances are appalling he will way the way of the righteous.

Will we walk in the ways of the Lord when it brings no profit but rather pain and suffering?


Reading an Isaiah Scroll

Acts 18:26-40

This high official from the kingdom of the upper reaches of the Nile had been in Jerusalem. The presumption is that he may have been a proselyte or near-proselyte to Judaism. He could have had some knowledge of the upheaval in the City associated with the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. His reading of the scroll, Philip’s commission to make his way to a point somewhere on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza, and the open-heartedness of the eunuch all bear witness to the operation of God’s Spirit, now the moving force in the life of God’s mission to the world. The gospel would go by this man into North Africa.

The Mission still is God’s mission. We hear amazing stories of God’s movement in lands once closed or indifferent to the gospel. The church of God grows today at a rate greater than at any other period in the last 2,000 years. Our role is to look to God’s Spirit to move in people’s hearts and minds as we follow Philip’s example of making the gospel known wherever we can.



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  1. Thank you Harry. I read on the back of the ETERNITY news paper put out by the Bible Society that 12 million bibles were printed in China last year at Amity Press in Nanjing. How the gospel has spread to China!! We don’t really understand what persecution is like for us here in Australia – YET. But from what I have heard and read the Christians don’t pray that it would stop they ask for strength to endure. That they remain true in their faith. May we remember to pray for the Persecuted Church throughout the world. Our turn will come. May we stand firm.

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