When you least expect it

Job 20-21, Acts 9:32-10:8

Opportunities to minister often happen when you least expect it. We can make good God honouring plans for ministry. We might intentionally create ministries to support the sick or dying. We might even have a vision and mission statement that we earnestly pray God might use for his glory. But in the end, opportunities for ministry often happen when we least expect it.

In Job 20-21, once again Job’s faithful friends try their hardest to minster to poor Job. Stumbling through they are not lost for words, but are lost for the right words. Yet in Acts 9, Peter just happens to be Johnny on the spot as a sick disciple is encountered and healed, and a dead disciple in the next town over is raised to life.

We could be in danger of thinking that it was only Peter’s job as a church leader to carry out these timely tasks. We could also be in danger of expecting that we can perform miracles with these same words today. But really, at the heart of it is taking the opportunities that God presents to us to minister, often when we least expect it.