Lamenting the Lament

We read today from Psalm 13

A few times a year I meet with people from other churches who are in a similar music director/worship pastor role to me. We often get on the subject of the lament psalms and the challenge they are to integrate into corporate worship. There’s a wonderful dimension of our Christian walk that is expressed through Psalms such as this…. The wrestle… The struggle…. The sorrow. But often our Sunday gatherings are geared towards celebration, to a joyful expression of what God has done rather than a reflection of God’s faithfulness through the sorrow or wrestle we feel in a fallen world.

While it is a short psalm it offers some bold questions from the psalmist – “how long??” is the cry. Haven’t we all been in emotional crisis, in unspeakable grief, in moments of angst or sorrow and felt like God has forgotten us or is hiding from us. This psalm gives license to express these things but also validates them by acknowledging some great truths in chapters 5&6. His love is unfailing. He is a good God who offers salvation and worthy of praise. We may feel these things but God is ultimately unchanging and unfailing.

It is important to acknowledge our struggle in this world, to admit our sorrow and grief, to allow our emotions to be expressed… let’s never go under rug swept with those things. But let’s also never stop acknowledging God’s character and his unfailing love and grace through all those times as well.

Please enjoy Trevor Hodge’s take on this Psalm (with some guitar goodness from yours truly):

Psalm 13


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  1. Thanks Greg, a great reminder of the reality of life and God’s overwhelming presence whatever occurs.

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