Job 32-33, Acts 12.25-13.52

Those with youth have much passion and much to say. Sometimes however they have much less tact. In these few chapters we meet the young Elihu. He has been listening to job and his friends talking. He has secretly been fuming in the background because he knows both Job and his friends are wrong. He is  angry with Job for justifying himself rather than God and with 3 friends for not refuting Job.

He held his tongue for a long time for reasons of age and thoughts of wisdom but now his spirit within him compels him. He has thoughts and desires bottled up that must be released. He sees a break in the conversation and takes his opportunity. It is interesting that Job never replies to Elihu nor is He mentioned at the end of Job like the three friends are.
Job 33 – speaks his grievance

v6 – same as job in God’s sight

8-11 – quoting Job being inconsistent

12-33 – God is not mortal and inconsistent – he punishes with a purpose to reveal something to humans. God punishes to deliver people

God is punishing Job to turn him back from sin – he is saying that Job is wrong about his righteousness



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