Hello Darkness

Todays readings are Job 34-37 and Acts 14.

Pauls Simon sings, “Hello darkness  my old friend, I have to talk to you again” in his song “The Sound of Silence”. Job while he had never heard this song, probably had the same thought with his friend Elihu.

Chapters 34  to 37 of Job provides many words and many thoughts from Job’s friend. After he finished speaking, the Lord himself will speak and he will have a word or two to say.

As you read the chapters, and I encourage you to do so, I am sure that Elihu’s motives were sincere, but he was way to presumptuous in assuming he had worked out Job’s life. We too can sometimes fall into the same trap. We know someone well, well we think we know someone and we watch their lives and then we believe even with good motives that we can correct their errors and put them back on the right path.

Unfortunately, like so many well meaning messengers of grace, Elihu was so fully convinced of his good intentions that he became insufferably overbearing.

One of the major mistakes Elihu had made was tied in with Job’s view of God’s justice. If God is so unjust, why did Job want to be vindicated by him? It did not make sense. But this was Job’s point to his friend. He wanted to be vindicated by God because God is just. God isn’t indifferent to his people as people are to God.

We always need to remember that God never takes his eyes of the righteous but uses their troubles for disciplinary instruction and to call them to repentance. Time and time again God uses pain and affliction to get people’s attention. But to his credit in Chapter 37, Elihu challenges Job to ponder God’s power of all the elements and over all of life.

That indeed is a good thing for us all to reflect on.

Ian Barnett







One thought on “Hello Darkness

  1. Thank you Ian. V22 in Acts reads,” Strengthening the disciples by encouraging them to continue in the faith and by telling them,”IT IS NECESSARY TO PASS THROUGH MANY TROUBLES ON OUR WAY INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD’.
    This no doubt includes suffering in one way or another. Found this helpful chart on suffering. Hope it encourages and helps someone.

    We turn to God for understanding, endurance and deliverance.
    We ask important questions we might not take time to think about in our normal routine.
    We are prepared by it to identify with and comfort others who suffer.
    We are open to being helped by others who are obeying God.
    We are ready to learn from a trustworthy God.
    We realize we can identify with what Christ suffered on the cross for us.
    We are sensitized to the amount of suffering in the world.

    We become hardened and reject God.
    We refuse to ask questions and missing lessons that might be good for us.
    We allow it to make us self-centred and selfish.
    We withdraw from the help others can give.
    We reject the fact that God can bring good out of calamity.
    We accuse God of being unjust and perhaps lead others to reject Him.
    We refuse to be open to any changes in our lives.

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