“They are God’s, and he died for them”

Read Acts 20:13-38 & Song of Songs 7

I confess I’m probably not the most qualified to talk about song of songs. So here’s this great visual overview of the book if you have 7 minutes spare. It’s actually a really cool vid that helped me a lot! So hope you enjoy it 🙂


As I was reading through Acts though, I was struck by Paul’s ministry.

My favourite Christian writer, John Stott, puts it like this, “He shared all possible truth with all possible people in all possible ways. He taught the whole Gospel to the whole city with his whole strength”

Paul did everything humanly possible to warn, teach, preach, pastor, and love the Ephesians. “For three years” he “never stopped warning” them “night and day with tears”(v. 31).

Honestly, it puts me to shame, encourages and inspires me! But how on earth did he do it?

I think the heart of the answer must be that Paul knew that God’s flock was so valuable to his Lord. I love how he reminds them that they are “Shepherds of the Church of God, which he bought with his own blood”. God’s church… It’s his! First and foremost! Not only are we his, but he bought us with his own blood!”

I wonder how differently I would do things if the first thing that popped into my mind when doing ministry with others, when seeking to lead at FUEL and youth and LiT, was the thought “They are God’s, and he died for them”.

In light of this, I just wanted to encourage us today to keep going in our ministries and to remember again the value of God’s children to him. This guy named Richard Baxter apparently wrote a great book 400 years ago. I haven’t read it, but it has this great quote. Here’s my paraphrase of it.

Whenever we feel ourselves grow tired and careless, listen again to Christ:

You won’t look after them, even though I died for them?

Were they worth my blood, but not your labour?

Praying that I never forget this!

Peter L

P.S The feedback last time was really helpful and fed into this post so always keen for feedback feel free to post or just chat to me at FUSE 🙂


6 thoughts on ““They are God’s, and he died for them”

  1. Thank you Peter for your clear challenge from today’s passage. The John Stott summary is so helpful in grasping the strengh of the passage, and there are congregations where exprisoners are accepted for who they are, not for what they have done. This is true joy.
    Found the YouTube clip really helpful – would never have found it ourselves, thank you.

  2. Well done Peter posting the video!! The best teaching on this book that I’ve ever had.

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