God’s guest …

Today’s Reading: Psalm 15

Most households have guidelines and expectations for what it means to live together; to dwell in relationship. Growing up as a child, I’m certain my parents held many round table discussions with us kids … and I can certainly remember conversations we had with our boys.

David in this short Psalm invites us into his conversation; the question and then personal answer for the expected behaviour for entering into, and being welcomed into God’s house.  The prophet Habakkuk provides a summary that reflects the heart of this conversation in a simple (but complex) sentence about the purity of God.

‘Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong.’  Habakkuk 1:13

In writing to the Hebrew Christians and all followers of Jesus, we read of the call for holy living; to ‘Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.’  Hebrews 12:14

It was only a matter of weeks ago we celebrated Easter, where once again we were reminded how the sacrifice of Christ going to the cross for all humankind, provides us with the ability, with great assurance, to enter into the dwelling place of God, and take up residencydwell for eternity.

Gracious and loving Father, thank you that when you look on me, you don’t see the sin that smears me, but rather, you see the purity and heart of Jesus. Thank you that even as I struggle daily to maintain integrity in all of life, and graciousness in thought and conversation as listed in this Psalm, I can know for certain that it’s God’s love that holds me safe and secure … to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Amen

‘He who does these things will never be shaken.’  Psalm 15:5b



2 thoughts on “God’s guest …

  1. Thanks Karen. As you say for us Psalm 15 is a list of guidelines. Those of us living after Jesus’ death are able to be forgiven and enter eternal life through God’s grace. Though we may try hard to follow the guidelines David gives us, at times we will fail. But God knows our hearts. He still loves us because we are His children and we are made right through Christ. How fantastic for us to know as Karen says, that we are “safe and secure” for eternity. Thank you God, our father. You never fail us.
    Lindy P.

  2. Thank you Karen. When we leave a church service or a bible study we should feel that we have been better equipped to live a holy and godly life. Very important to be told the,”how to”. How sad if we were to come and go and not be wanting to be changed. This is always the challenge for those who lead.
    Integrity is what you do when no one else is looking.

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