The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

1 Samuel 13

In testing circumstances Saul made a decision. In life we are sometimes called upon to make decisions between various options each of which seems reasonable. Saul’s choice was a wrong one. Apparently it demonstrated to God and to Samuel that Saul was not the person to lead God’s people. Perhaps his failure was a lack of trust in God and he should have waited for Samuel to arrive even though his army was dissipating.

It is a sad story for no one likes to see anyone fail. It is also challenging. Let us pray that when hard decisions come to us we may have learned enough about God and his promises to discern what the right decision might be.


You are Lukewarm

Revelation 3:14-22

How sad to be blind to our own weaknesses. There is a power in local culture to blind believers to the influences which make their witness insipid. “Lord have mercy”. “Christ have mercy”.

Wonderfully Jesus knocks at the door to offer himself to fellowship with us and to give us that which we need to overcome. “Come Lord to our easily divided hearts, be with us always, and grant us clear sightedness and an undivided heart” Amen




2 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. Thanks Harry. It is easy to identify with Saul. At times we too give up on God and try to do things in our own strength. Sometimes we try to make things happen the way we want them to without waiting for God to lead us. James 1:5 tells us that God will give us wisdom if we ask Him.

    Lindy P

  2. Thank you Harry. Lacking in enthusiasm is a good way of describing being lukewarm. So how do we avoid this very unappetizing description of the Christian (church)? I think it can be a combination of a few things but neglect comes to mind. That and ungratefulness and taking for granted that you are saved from an eternity in Hell. Antidote? Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is a great start. Then allowing Gods Word to transform the way you think. All in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I’m thankful that God doesn’t have a divided heart. He loves me no matter what because of the fact that I’ve put my trust and hope in the finished work of Christ. That also brings to mind though that what He says about judgement and punishment one day it will happen. Repent while there is time. Don’t put it off. Sitting on the fence is a ,”No”, to Jesus.

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