Valiant but Flawed

Valiant but Flawed

1 Samuel 14

This lengthy account of the military exploits of Saul and Jonathan seems to indicated that Saul, though a valiant warrior, was at times rash and given to impulsive reactions. Later in the story he will cast a spear at David and then at his son Jonathan.

Life often shows up the flaws in our own characters. Let us give thanks for the grace that pardons sins and for the Spirit by whom we are called to live, who is able to work in us both to will and to do the will of God.


In the Throne Room of Heaven

Revelation 4

This passage allows us, as it allowed John, to see into that dimension where God is King and from which he rules over all that is; what he saw in heaven was a throne.

That heavenly throne was occupied by the sovereign God who properly excites worship and praise amongst all who attend upon Him.

Let us look too and worship with them both as individuals and as a church when we come together as his people and to acknowledge Him for who and what He is.


One thought on “Valiant but Flawed

  1. Thank you Harry. Yes those character flaws or blind spots. I remember hearing a very practicle lesson on how we behave around those whom we are comfortable with. It was how in a fit of anger we can just let fly and carry on like there was no tomorrow, but if the pastor or minister all of a sudden pulled up in the driveway how quickly the behavior changed. Almost like a switch had been flicked on. Self control is a powerful fruit of the Spirit. Thankfully we can keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the only perfect One.

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