Where is that fragrance coming from?

What a lovely insight into the heart of David in today’s reading in chapter 9. His love for his friend Jonathan and his father Saul was deep and sincere and he went out of his way to honour their friendship. It seems David felt no animosity towards Saul who had tried a number of times to kill him as we read in 1 Samuel.

Mephibosheth was the grandson of king Saul. Usually the family members of the former regime were put to death, and he was crippled as well! Imagine his fear as he was called to come before David, the new ruler. So, despite being a king’s grandson, he felt worthless as he lay on the floor at David’s feet. What a different outcome for undeserving Mephibosheth! His grandfather’s land reinstated and he lived out all his days in thankfulness in the palace of the king. Something familiar about all that!

Chapter 10, despite being a great plot for an action movie, again shows a compassionate side of David. He allowed some of his servants to remain hidden so they would not feel shame having had their beards half removed, such was his care for his people. Beard envy must have been rife in those times!

Our Corinthians reading ties in neatly with the forgiveness theme. It seems Paul needed to remind the Corinthians about forgiveness for a person’s actions. Forgive the sinner and encourage them to  reinstate themselves into the fellowship of the church. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it.

Paul’s journey to Troas was to meet Titus and hear the latest news about the new Corinthian church. Even though the doors were open for him to travel there, he was unsettled in his spirit and decided to leave. Verse 14 But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. A lovely reminder of how we can rely on God, even if it appears that doors are open for us he may direct us to a different path.

Our reminders from our readings today seem to be summed up in being a “fragrance” to those around us. By our words and actions we show we belong to Jesus. Our forgiveness of those who injure our pride or thwart our intentions or are mean-spirited or just forget to filter their words or…..should be obvious and sincere. Those who don’t know Jesus should wonder, even be intrigued, why we act differently.

Dear Lord, may you envelope me in your arms as you guide me each day to live for you. May you make your path known clearly to me and show me the way you would have me go. Please help me forgive those who have injured me in a particular way and let them see your love for them reflected in my life. Amen


One thought on “Where is that fragrance coming from?

  1. Thanks Iris, in a time when cutting people off in a contact and communication sense is so easily achieved for personal offences today’s passages challenge us to not act in that way but to do the opposite. Yet God, at a time when we offend Him finds not judgement against us, but His great grace is poured out on us. So we, as His people are challenged to do the same. As hard as it sometimes seems to do, to exercise fragrant forgiveness.

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