Treasures in Jars of Clay

2 Corinthians 4

There were several things that stood out for me from this passage. First, I was challenged about the importance of being transparent as a Christian. Living my life with no secrets and being honest and authentic, especially with those I love. Second, people think the world (i.e., Satan) can give them the contentment and satisfaction they desire. And then they won’t have to believe in God. We need to beware how Satan blinds people to the truth and ask God to have mercy on them.

Finally, our message is about Jesus – nothing more or less. God uses us – jars of clay, something unimpressive to look at and ordinary, to carry His life-changing message of salvation. This is done to “prevent anyone from confusing God’s incomparable power with us” (the Message translation). The harder the trials we face, the greater the opportunity for God’s power to shine. So keep faithful in the hard times, because God’s greatness can shine through even brighter. And believe that God will strengthen you – and never give up! Even though it may look on the outside that we are struggling, on the inside God is demonstrating his never-ending and unchanging grace. And remember that these hard times are small compared with what we have to look forward to in heaven.


One thought on “Treasures in Jars of Clay

  1. Thank you Tony. This is why a loving Christian community is so important for the believer. We need each other so much. I need my brothers and sisters in Christ just like everybody else. In a large church like FAC this is where the Life Group becomes essential for the child of God. A safe place where you can be yourself and share and off load those heavy burdens that are weighing you down. Where we can encourage one another to keep going and not to give up. We all have different struggles some more obvious than others but we all belong to the same God and serve the same Jesus and are empowered by the same Holy Spirit, Whose job it is is to see Jesus glorified in our lives as we try to be lights in this fallen world. In our services today may the love that is shared in our Life Groups for one another overflow into the church community. May those who don’t yet know Jesus meet with Him today because of the love that we have for one another.

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