David returns to Jerusalem

2 Samuel 19

David returns to Jerusalem

David’s grief over the death of Absalom almost destroyed his prospects of being taken back as king. Joab was his political counsellor and goad. Such are the challenges of leadership when deep emotions are involved.

The disruption caused by Absalom’s revolt is being repaired. There seems to be a measure of ‘realpolitik’ being displayed here. Shimei is granted clemency and the dispute between the claims of Ziba and Mephibosheth is resolved, and Barzillai is rewarded. David clearly did not forgotten Shimei’s disloyalty as his later words to Solomon reveal.

Pray for those who must play the game of politics in the complex area of political leadership, especially for those who know and love God. It is rarely ever a straightforward or uncomplicated business.


2 Corinthians 7:2-16

An Example to Follow

There were no chapters and verses in Paul’s letter such as we have now. His words run on from first to last through a string of issues that have caused great concern for him. He has been defending his “gospel” and his ministry against those who have maligned him, misunderstood him, and impugned his message, his methods and his apostolic authority.

This letter, written after he had received a good report from Titus in Macedonia of the impact of his previous visit and correspondence, is full of pastoral love and encouragement. His tenacity in maintaining a profound and active concern for those who had treated him so badly is an example worthy of the closest emulation.