God Working in Human Messiness

2 Samuel 20

God Working in Human Messiness

The content of this chapter is a reminder that David’s return to Jerusalem did not resolve all the issues that the rebellion of Absalom had brought out into the open. Sheba’s revolt and the feud between Joab and Amasa indicate a less than stable situation in the kingdom. Perhaps the best and most sustaining thing that can be said is that God’s purposes work themselves out in the messy realities of people’s ambitions, failures, wickedness, and struggles. We ought not to despair in our own day of God working out his purposes in our world of ideological, religious, and political complexity and in our own personal life circumstances.


2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Generosity and the Power of a Good Example

The Lord Jesus made almsgiving a matter of concealing e from the left hand what the right hand is doing. In short, generosity is not for show but for expressing unpretentious love for God and for others.

However, examples of great generosity and sacrifice humbly performed to do good and not to self- promote can stir the heart and conscience of others like nothing else can. This is true whether the giving is in one’s time, resources, activities, or life.

Two great examples are cited here: that of the Lord Jesus and that of the churches of Macedonia. What do we offer in service to God that may incidentally cause others to be generous also?


2 thoughts on “God Working in Human Messiness

  1. Thank you Harry. I love it that God is bigger than my mistakes. Gods will for my life shall unfold no matter what seems to distract or draw me away. I love it that when we get off track He has promised that from behind He shall speak directing me to the left or to the right.
    Generosity like everything else in Gods upside down kingdom has everything to do with the heart. Giving more of your own resources whether that be money, time, speech for the soul purpose of just being a blessing to others. No hidden agenda. No selfish motives – just to bless. Generosity bathed in pure love will reap much fruit for Gods kingdom. This is part of the aroma of the church. To bring it into a practicle reality – if I see a need and I have the resources to help in that need I can just do it. I don’t have to spend days fasting or praying about it. The Holy Spirit can be pretty spontaneous we just have to be willing. Our daily prayer should include to ask God for us to be a blessing to somebody today – especially if it’s in our own church gatherings on a Sunday.

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