1 Kings 1, John 2.13-24

In 1 Kings 1 we find a story of a kingdom about to go through a leadership change and the experience is not going well. King David is about to die and while he is weak another is setting himself up as the King to follow. Adonijah has a feast and invites everyone (except those who disagree with him) to celebrate him becoming king soon. King David heads of this and in response makes Solomon King. He carries out an oath that he made to the Lord long before, that Solomon would follow him as King. 

Solomon represents to David two things. He is the son Bathsheba, whose husband David killed so that he could have Bathsheba. Solomon represents David’s most fallen moment where his Sin is revealed and the Lord brings his ange against David. Yet Solomon also represents Gods mercy as David represents and casts himself in dependence upon the Lord. The Lord forgives him. 

Solomon is the son from a relationship that was begun filled with sin and also shaped by mercy. I am reminded of how God uses the failings of humanity to bring about his will. Through the worst of David’s actions God uses the Son of the relationship that should have been to be the King that Gods people needed. 

 Adonijahs response is interesting. His response is fear. As if he had been caught out doing the wrong thing and his response is fear of the King. He is out in his place. His experience is not unlike that of someone becoming a Christian. There is a powerful moment when we realise we are not the King but we have been pretending to be. A moment when we realise someone else is in charge, someone else has taken responsibility of our lives, there is someone else we owe allegiance to, we are not the rulers of our lives but King Jesus is and he does a much better job of ruling then we ever would. 

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One thought on “1 Kings 1, John 2.13-24

  1. Thank you Myles. The last couple of verses in the John reading caught my attention. Jesus didn’t entrust Himself to people because He knows what people are like. This should encourage us when we feel let down by others. People are fickle but God is not. He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. He never had s bad day at work or it’s never his time of the month- no excuse for a bad attitude for a woman who wants to honour Christ anyway- just my thoughts. God can be trusted 100%. Jesus trusted His Father may we too learn to trust God no matter what this life will throw at us. There is always grace available for God kids.

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