1 KINGS 4.  Solomon’s reign begins.

Having asked God for WISDOM (1Kings 3:11 – ‘so God said to him, since you have asked for this and not for long life or wealth for yourself……….. I will do what you have asked.  I will give you a wise and discerning heart’ )  to enable him to rule the people with JUSTICE  – we read today of the out working of that gift at the beginning of his rule.                                                        

It is interesting that while Solomon ruled over ALL Israel, he delegated responsibility to people with skills  needed for specific areas – priests, secretaries, administrators, governors etc for the ultimate good of the nation.  During Solomon’s reign there was peace, and prosperity v20

Following Helen and Roger’s urging on Saturday, and the fascinting results of our own election, surely we will pray for our members of parliament, that God will give them WISDOM for the good of the whole nation, for peace and stability, and that they will seek this wisdom.  Lord have mercy.


JOHN 4:43-54.   True faith in Jesus.

This official in Herod’s court came, no doubt, in desperation to Jesus, asking for healing for his dying son.  Without more than a word, ‘Go your son will live’  – the man returned home.  Here we meet a man who BELIEVED.  Is Jesus’ word enough for us when times are tough or                                                                                                     when situations are beyond our ability to cope?                                                                               Perhaps it would be a good idea to encourage each other to store up some of Jesus’ promises when times are good and when pressure is off, so that we can call them to mind when things are too hard for us to manage on our own.



Peter and Elizabeth.