Faith, Integrity, and Love of God

Psalm 26

Faith, Integrity, and Love of God

In sincerity of heart the Psalmist looks to God seeking a favourable response from him presumably across all the areas of his life.

His grounds of approach are his trust in God, his genuine efforts to walk in the ways of God, and his love for assembling with the people of God when they worshipped in God’s House, the Temple.

The records of the Gospels show the Lord Jesus always s seeking to please his heavenly Father. The letters of the New Testament, in a variety of contexts, encourage their readers to make it their aim always to please God in all things

Seeking to please God involves trusting him whole heartedly, aiming sincerely at obedience to his declared will in all things, and a rich life of worshipping him in the fellowship of his people.

We all long to hear him say at the last, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


2 thoughts on “Faith, Integrity, and Love of God

  1. Thank you Harry. I find this is where the battle to crucify the flesh takes part. You truly desire to honour God with your whole life but then something happens which will test your sincerity to God. God loves me no matter what. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me any more or less. But in my heart there should be a desire to please Him because of what He has done. But we are not robots and sometimes we just need a little bit of time to follow thru with situations. God is patient because He knows we are dust. I didn’t take communion this morning because a relationship was damaged. I knew that I had to set things right as much as I was able to. Then as the day progressed God healed my heart once again and I could go to FUSE and enjoy sweet communion once again. We are where we are today because of choices we have made. May we seek to honour Christ in everything because He is worthy.

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