Psalm 28

Today’s Faithful Daily Read is Psalm 28

In today’s Psalm we see both a cry for mercy and mercy delivered. Vs 1-5 we hear the Psalmist (David) plead for mercy and be delivered from his enemies. Vs 6-9 we hear the victorious declaration that God ‘has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy’.

Perhaps David is reflecting on a time when he needed deliverance and is now rejoicing in the saving works of his Lord that he has experienced. Or, perhaps he is in peril and thinking forward to a future time when he knows he will have received deliverance and mercy. Or, perhaps the psalm was compiled from two experiences at different points in time.

There are many times I recall calling upon God for help, and hindsight has shown God’s hand clearly at work. At the time, like David, all I could do is throw myself upon the mercy of God, yet I can now rejoice and declare that ‘in him my heart trusts’. Our God is a trustworthy God who is ‘our saving refuge’. May we all trust in the character of our saving God at times of hardship when all we can do is call upon him for his mercy and grace. Remembering that ‘while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’ (Rom 5:8)