War and from Servants to Friends

Today’s (We 03/08/2016) FDRs are 2 Kings 3 and John 15:1-17

War, bloody devastating war.  (2 Kings 3)

{A little background to assist your reading.}
2 Kings 3 begins with Moab’s prior occupation by Israel that gives rise to some advances by Moab against Israel.  Israel, with Judah and Edom’s help, takes up arms against Moab. (Edom at this time was a vassal state to Judah.)   Moving strategically to attack Moab on its exposed and most valued side the Joint Forces travel across desert in which water sources run out.  The prophet Elisha is sent for and responds to assist after meditation and a message for the Kings from the Lord.  Now with access to water,  the tide of the war turns against the Moabite King and he turns to his own God, probably Chemosh, and sacrifices his son in an attempt to appease Chemosh and obtain this god’s favour and support in this war.

This passage begins the recounting of Elisha’s actions and his role as a prophet.


Servants become Friends. (John 15:9-17)
Looking at the last paragraph we can see that Jesus calls us His friends if we do as He asks and we too will come to know the Father’s will.

How did we get into this situation? The Almighty God and His son Jesus call us friends!

We were servants, not knowing the Fathers will. But now, because of the love of God, we are called friends. Those who do the will of God because we abide in the love that He showers us with.  Firstly to save us from eternal hell and then to keep us secure in a personal relationship with the Triune God, that is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Mike Goheen, our mission week principal speaker, delivered some succinct messages in his sermon last Sunday.  One of these was to remind us that we are commissioned to do the work of God’s people and speak with any who will hear about God and His saving grace for all.  We are not only followers or only believers but we are workers for God seeking to bring non-believers into an active relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.   Workers who know the Fathers will through our friendship with Jesus.

In his usual succinct style, James puts the principal into action like this:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.  James 1:22 NIVUK