2 Kings 2.1-18 – Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah? 

I apologise for my lateness. 

As I read this story of Gods people a few things catch my attention- 

  • I love Elisha’s persistence. No matter how often Elijah tells him to go away he repeats that he will never leave him. I am sure there is some more theological insight into this, however, I simply enjoy the idea that Elisha knows where the action is at. He isn’t going home. He knows who God is working in and he isn’t going to leave that mans side. 
  • Elisha asks for a double portion of the Spirit of Elijah. Elisha has witnessed the miracles of Elijah. He has seen the power of God in him. He has seen this power and he wants double that. This part of the story could read negatively to mean the selfishness of Elisha. However, we see in v14 that when Elisha seeks double the spirit he is seeking the Lord. He is seeking to have the Lord with him like the Spirit of God was with Elijah. Elisha’s hunger is not for more power but for more of God. I feel like I ask for as much of God in my life as I am happy to give him of my life. I am happy to pray for somethings and others I practically don’t bring God into the situation. I pray that my desire for the Spirit of God would over come the limits my sinful nature. I pray that I would ask God for a double portion of him so that he might I dwell and shape every part of my life, not simply the areas I think I need help with. 
  • In v15 I love seeing the transfer from Elijah to Elisha. I love seeing how the people recognised it because of Elisha’s likeness in action to that of Elijah. I am challenged by the thought of who I represent by my actions. Who do people think I belong to, trust in, fight for, love for based on my actions? Do my actions reveal a changed heart or disguise it?  Is my life caught in the grace of Jesus or limited by my fear and pride? When people see me do they see the Spirit of the one who went before me? Do they see the Spirit of Jesus manifesting change in my every being? Filling with untouchable joy and never ending hope to love in unqualified love of those around me? I pray that just as they say of Elisha that he has the Spirit of Elijah, I pray people would be able to say of me and our church community that the Spirit of Jesus is in that place. 
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  1. Thank you Miles, I have had a lot of encouragement from these words this morning. More and more of God through the His son. I want that too!!

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