The Lord Knows

2 Kings 11; John 19:38-44.

What a tumultuous time in Judah’s history. Athaliah the wicked queen gets her son King Ahaziah killed by guiding him to make an unholy treaty with God’s enemies. She then proceeds to kill all the House of David. This poses an immense challenge against God’s plan — that David’s line should rule forever. The last grandson is little Joash. How can a one year old survive the murderous queen’s army? He is rescued by the High Priest’s Wife Jehosheba and hidden for six years in the temple of the Lord. When the time comes for this heir to the throne to be revealed, the High Priest Jehoiada commands the temple guard to encircle God’s chosen king, thus protecting him from the murderers. God’s plans were not thwarted by evil and impossible circumstances! We know God has a plan for those he rescues: Exodus 19:6 “You will become to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” I am grateful to Clark Van Wick’s exposition of 2 Kings 11 as follows:

  • Temple of the Lord = the place of God’s presence.
  • The guards of the temple = similar to angels of the Lord.
  • Jehoiada’s name literally means “The Lord Knows”.

Is it a stretch to see that God knew when child Joash needed to be saved so He commanded his loyal followers and angels to protect him against all odds? Will He do the same for all his children? Yes.

      Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.”


Reference – 2 Kings 11, Clark Van Wick, Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship, Temedula, CA.


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  1. Thank you Matthew. Jesus’ lifeless body taken down and laid down for humanity. This is how much God loves us. May we never loose the wonder of the cross and come to know the extent of His love for us. May we really understand that God loves us just as we are. There is nothing that we can do to earn Gods love.

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