Appearance of Godliness yet not – 2 Kings 14 

Text observations In this chapter we see the continuing comings and goings of the kings of Israel and Judah. What is clear is that the main issue has remained the issue – they do not love God above all else. They continue to allow mixed worship among their people. 

In this chapter we meet a king called Amaziah. He seems to start well because he does all that is right in the eyes of the Lord. However, a distinction is made here as Amaziah is doing the right thing he still let’s the people worship and sacrifice to other gods. Such an interesting distinction. He does the right thing but he does not worship and lead the people to worship the right way. His actions are righteous but his heart is still in misplaced worship.  

This plays out in an interesting way. He goes into battle and seems to do really well. To all appearances it seems the Lord is with him. Then he goes to fight Israel and he loses badly. It is at this point that his credentials as a King God wants are questioned again. He does the right things but is he walking with the Lord. For he attacks Israel whom we find later in the chapter (14.27) has not been given over to destruction by God. Amaziah attacking Israel is kind of like a sibling trying to destroy their brother or sister. God is for them both. Amaziah is not walking with the Lord – he might be doing the right things but his heart is not for the Lord and eventually his actions reveal his heart. 


I am challenged by Amaziah having the appearance of Godliness but a heart worshipping other things. His actions and pride eventually reveal the truth. It helps me to question my heart and who I am worshipping. Am I really seeking the glory of God or actually the glory of myself? I can be deceptive to myself of my motivations and desires. I pray that God would reveal to me the true desires of my heart so that I may see clearly how o am glorifying the Lord. I pray that we might not just do the right things but that we would worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. Most of all I am thankful for a King whose actions matched his heart, who did not deceive but in all things glorified God. For in Jesus we all receive the blessing of his kingship. He is the one who dies to destroy any other places of worship that are not him. He is our replacement for anything we might out in place of the Lord

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One thought on “Appearance of Godliness yet not – 2 Kings 14 

  1. Thank you Myles. Always important to be asking the Holy Spirit to search our hearts. Only God is able to see the motive of a heart. But as the Holy Spirit lives in our hearts He changes our hearts. To the responsive heart He will do a quick check if we seek to want glory for ourselves. Pride is a great deceiver but in all honesty a true disciple of Jesus Christ would hate that eyes were to fall upon them and not their Saviour. It would be abhorrent to even think that this would be something that people would do towards them. But even when we find that this has happen in our own life Gods love for us doesn’t change. He still loves us even though we still struggle with sin in our lives. Gods love isn’t performance based but a heart that really loves Jesus will want to live a life that honours Christ in everything.

    2 Timothy 3:5 sums this up and unfortunately is very much of what the church (Christians) looks like today. Wesley’s Notes say,” Having a form – an appearance of godliness, but not regarding, nay, even denying and blaspheming, the inward power and reality it”.”” Is not this eminently fulfilled at this day?””

    God wants to transform His people. May we give Him permission to change us from the inside out.
    And I will give you a new heart….A heart of flesh…Ezekiel 36;26 . Spurgeon says,” A “heart of flesh” is known by its tenderness concerning sin. To have indulged a foul imagination or to have allowed a wild desire to linger even for a moment is quite enough to make a heart of flesh grieve before the Lord. The heart of stone calls a great iniquity nothing, but not so the heart of flesh.

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