Not bad for a teenager?

In our passages today 2Kings15 the story pretty much follows on from Myles’commentary yesterday. I don’t know how you’d feel if your 16 year old became King but so it was for Jecoliah when her son Azariah came to reign Judah. He followed in the ways of his father Amaziah both good and bad. For 52 years he followed the Lord, I assume using his fathers example and so he also still left the “high places”as alternative forms of worship.Remember these are places where fertility based religious practices (worship of Baal) were followed. Mixing sex with religion is not a new idea. I used to think it was as a younger believer when the “Children of God”cult were around. If you were there you know what I mean!

God seems to judge him for this by afflicting  him with leprosy in such away that his son Jotham rules in his stead. I assume this happened at least 25 years into his reign but it is not clear to me. Jotham carries on the family tradition as the high places are still left untouched. And in Chapter 16 you guessed, it all goes bad again under Jotham’s son Ahaz.

Meanwhile in Israel things things have gone to the crapper big time.In the 52 years of Azariah’s “kind of Godly”reign of Judah, there have been 6 kings of Israel – all murdered by their successors and all did evil in the eyes of the Lord.

What do I learn? Much the same as Myles said – The Lord wants an undivided heart as David would say.

“Lord help me destroy the high places in my heart”is a good prayer I think.

When it comes down to it we are made of the same stuff as these people of Israel and Judah.We are no more intelligent than them, we just have the benefit of 2000 years of technical development and an IPhone 🙂 Our aptitude for sin and a divided heart is the same.

A BIG difference though is this side of the cross we thankfully have the Spirit   who lives within and is more than willing to point this out to us and continually take us to a place of confession and repentance and forgiveness.Let us continue to be open to Him.

NOW in John 21 we have the last chapter of his gospel…..and WOW!

The resurrected Christ gives the disciples a fishing lesson they will never forget! I think Jesus might be pointing to something greater than just a miraculous good haul of 153 fish…..why did they count them? Maybe He is preparing them to be “fishers of men” after He ascends.They will catch nothing without His blessing and involvement – they just need to fish obediently.

The resurrected Christ asks Peter 3 times if he loves Him….Ouch! Peter is grieved in vs17 of this reminder of his denial. Jesus gives Peter some authority in leadership and points to the nature of his own death.

At Pentecost in Acts we see this Peter preaching to a multitude who respond to the same resurrected Christ. We need to keep responding to this same resurrected Christ.

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  1. Thanks Al. Travelling mercies!! John 21 is a banquet!! So much in these 25 verses to encourage the believer. In v3 where Peter says he is going fishing he is a defeated man. He goes back to what he knows and thats fishing. The events of the last few days have taken their toll on him. He knew what he had done in denying Jesus, but Jesus also knew how he was feeling. Jesus also knows how a believer feels after they have fallen into sin. He doesn’t want to leave us in that state of discouragement He reaches out to us. He love is a love thats always drawing men and women unto Himself. Sometimes though we can believe a lie the we are not worthy of His love. We aren’t but He is. When Jesus asks Peter do you love (agape) Me,He is asking Peter does he have the highest love for Jesus – self sacrificial love Gods love. Peter can only answer that he has a friendship love for Jesus. The third time Jesus asks Him do you love Me Jesus uses the friendship word for love (phileo). He was coming down to what Peter could offer Him. Peter is reinstated the burden of guilt removed. Has Jesus removed your guilt? He is willing. Jesus is patient and because His love for us is unconditional He understands when all we can give Him is a friendship type of love. Its important for the Christian to understand the 4 different ways that the word love is used in the new testament. That way our one word for love won’t confuse us.

    Jesus again reminds Peter to keep his eyes on Jesus and not on others. We too can slip into this without realising it. Comparing one another. Jesus tells us not to do that. We must all get to a point in our walk that we are content that only the Lord sees what we are doing and understand that the ground is level at the cross.

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