Missionary : Life on the line.

Phillipians 2: 19 – 30

Here we see a portrait of the love and care we should have for each other in general, and for those working at the front line of spreading the gospel, in particular.

Paul expresses his anxiety in knowing that the church in Phillipi is distressed to hear Epaphroditus was ill. News travelled slowly in those days and for all the church knew Epaphroditus may be dead. Epaphroditus himself was missing his church family and suffering sickness that almost killed him for the sake of going on a journey to support Paul. It’s a story of love and care.

Paul cared enough to take on the concern that the Phillipian church had cared for him in sending a gift via Epaphroditus. He cared for Epaphroditus and his illness and his distress at being away from his friends. He also cared for the Phillipian church and their distress for Epaphroditus. Finally he cared for the church enough to tell them that not only would he send Timothy to care for them, but he was looking forward to hearing back from Timothy so that he (Paul) may be cheered up by some good news.

It sounds like a loving and caring community of believers, doesn’t it? Is our own lifestyle so different and busy that we take our fellow church members for granted? Or is our church so large that it is impossible for us to share this type of concern for each other? If so, then let us pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt us to make some changes.




One thought on “Missionary : Life on the line.

  1. Thank you Jim. A mature church will be a loving church. Being connected in a small group is where we can best live this out on a weekly basis. But if we come to our gatherings on a Sunday already having asked God for us to keep an eye open for someone we can show Gods love to He will open our eyes to see. Just come with a heart thats been prepared to be used by God. On the other side of the coin a church also needs to show love when those in leadership or our brother or sister sins against us. Far too many people leave churches because someone has done something wrong. God wants those of us with those kind of hurts to sort things out. To be humble and go and mend those broken relationships. We are a family and like our birth families we can’t choose who is part of that. The world will know that we are His disciples by the love (agape) that we have towards one another.

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