The Joy of Forgiveness

Psalm 32 – A lesson in the form of a song.

Blessed, doubly blessed is the person who does not carry the burden of guilt and shame. Blessed, doubly blessed is the person who has been forgiven, and set free from hiding and deceit.

And how does such rich blessing come upon us? Ironically, by facing our darkness. Pretense, fear and pride sap our joy, our energy, our strength. The burden of our sin is heavy, gnawing always at our peace of mind. The effort to remain silent, to hide from our God, drains us of authenticity, love and lightness of spirit.

It is the truth which sets us free. Psalm 32 reminds us that our God values above all our truth, our trust. Psalm 32 reminds us that the God who invites us out from the darkness of our shame and guilt is faithful and loving. When we are at our most vulnerable, confessing/speaking our desperate need for forgiveness and rescue, He covers us, preserves us, delivers us.

The joy of forgiveness is the gift of our God of steadfast love. This God is no tyrant from whom we should fearfully cower. Likewise, this God is no weak deity far away who cannot save and does not intervene. In our God we find a safe place to reveal our inner most shames.

God invites us to choose the happiness offered by forgiveness. Like the horse, God can lead us to water, but he cannot make us drink.

Friends, ‘steadfast love surrounds those who trust in the Lord.’ Trust is easier said than done. For all who desire gladness in God, joy, release from burden, a simple prayer that God will give the faith needed to confess and to trust is the place to begin.




4 thoughts on “The Joy of Forgiveness

  1. Thanks Jane. What a great encouragement this psalm is to take the simple step of trusting our great God by bearing our hearts to Him and in doing so putting our fears of rejection and retribution aside. To receive not punishment, but grace and peace through the sacrifice of Christ in our place.

  2. Thank you Jane. Beautifully written. Imagine if as a whole church body that we would take this seriously. What would happen??I think we would have a different influence on this part of the world.Far too many Christians walk around with shame and guilt. They don’t know the freedom and abundant life that Jesus died to give us because of this heavy load that they carry. Pride will stop us from “doing business with God”, but its the only way to be free. And the Devil just continues to enslave those who Jesus wants free. A bird was in a cage his whole life but the door to his cage was one day left open. He stayed inside because to go and be free was too scary for him.

    Whom the Sons sets free is free indeed!!! Do business with God and allow Him to set you free from the prison of guilt and shame.You are loved – nothing can separated you from Gods love that is found in Christ Jesus. Today if you hear His voice don’t harden your heart.

  3. Dear Glenn and Connie. Thank you so much for your comments and insights. Jesus Christ is indeed the very incarnation of our God’s faithfulness and steadfast love!! …and Jesus reveals to us the depths, cost and preciousness of the forgiveness into which we are invited.

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