The end of the Line.

Today’s FDR (Sa 03/09/2016) is 2 Kings 25 and Colossians 1:24 – 2:5.

Wow, what a finish.  Israel crashes and burns dramatically!

Death and destruction.  Not once, but again and again until all is desolate.

A few Israelites have run away to Egypt.  Most are dead.  Murdered at the hand of the Chief of Butchers, called Nebuzaradan.  The King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar has already been and wiped out the Zedekiah’s family because he rebelled against Babylon.  Most of the people are taken away.  Other members of the rebellion against Babylon are taken out and executed.  The city is pulled down to the ground, the Temple stripped and demolished. Only a few poor people are left under the supervision of Babylon appointed officials.

With the execution of Zedekiah’s sons and wives the David line is put to an end.  God’s promise to always have a descendent of David on the throne seems broken.

The history of a nation chosen to be God’s special people has come full circle.  Escape from slavery in Egypt and here at the end of 2 Kings a band of escapees return to Egypt.  Perhaps no better off than before their predecessors left with the crossing of the Red Sea with Moses in the lead.

What went wrong?

God’s judgement has been executed on Israel.

All those Kings we’ve been reading and reading and reading about.  Many unable to keep the Lord’s commands and walk His pathway.  A few who served and loved the Lord with great passion.  Some too who, though loving the Lord, sinned and sought His forgiveness.  These who sought God’s forgiveness, received it.  Yet in the balance, God exercised His terrible judgement on His disobedient and hard hearted people.


Looking briefly at the Colossians passage we see an Apostle, in prison, writing to a church he has not visited.  Paul was writing to direct the church back to the true path and away from the teachings of mystics and possibly some Jews. People that were embellishing the truth of Christ with lies and distracting people from knowing God and His son, Jesus.

Sounds a bit like some of the 1 and 2 Kings passages we’ve read in the last months.

And so both these passages stand in stark warning to you and I that we are to keep to the truth and walk the narrow path of Christ, our risen Lord and not stray off it.

This morning as you pray with us between 7am and 9am in the Church Foyer and worship with us at your service tomorrow take the opportunity to ask God to challenge you to walk in His path for you and not stray. Also please pray for us all that we will do the same and be true to God’s love for us in all we do and say.