We were made for this

Ps 33 is a call to Praise.

Be who you were meant to be. Praise your God .

If God created this amazing world, ( not a result of  chance) – all of it by His word (v9) and for His purposes (v11),   and

If God formed you and I (which He did), knowing every thing that we do (v15),   then

We are not our own, we do not rule, we are not self sufficient.( Hard to escape from this self deceit).     We are…

God’s. His possessions, His work, His.

Our hearts,  formed by Him (15) should respond in Praise. Our hearts are formed for relationship with Him. They should revere (v18), hope (v20), trust (v21) and experience Joy (v21) in Him.

What sin destroys Grace recreates. Our salvation, our deliverance (v17) comes from the God of unfailing love (v22).

Join in the song of the ages; echo this Psalm in your heart and prayers.  Praise your amazing God and Saviour.