A life of integrity (1 Thessalonians 4:1-12)

This is a good passage for us at Figtree Anglican Church. a strong encouragement to live a life that pleases God. Some key aspects of this life are purity, avoiding sexual immorality, and not abusing one’s body. God also wants us to not take advantage of our brothers and sisters. So others should see a clear point of difference in how a Christian lives their life. When people see us they should see the Holy Spirit living in us. In v.11 Paul adds some final advice. Go about your life quietly, not drawing attention to yourself. Your integrity will win the respect of outsiders and in doing so, honour Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Let’s make this our prayer and mission for today


One thought on “A life of integrity (1 Thessalonians 4:1-12)

  1. Thank you Tony. Integrity = who you are when no one is looking. Ive been helping my 20yr old look for a new car. This meant going around to look at and talk with lots of car sales people. All made in the image of God. Both private and in businesses. Local and interstate. Many times I was able to share I was A Christian by the fact that you can put down a different price on the rego papers than what you actually paid for the car. Therefore paying less stamp duty. When afford this temptation, by Gods Grace I could say that I was a Christian and wanted to be honest in this matter. I explained that since being a Christian and never making a false declaration regarding a car value I’ve never had any problems with my cars and have never had an accident. A silly example – maybe- but its in these everyday transactions that we do get to shine like lights in this dark world. You don’t want to draw any attention to yourself – but a light will draw attention – but the attention will be directed to Jesus – not self.
    Maybe if we actually started to live like people who know they have been saved from an eternity in Hell our light might shine a little brighter. We are being watched by this world, by our brothers and sisters and by God.
    God love for us doesn’t change when we choose to live contrary to Gods best but we will never know the abundant life that Jesus died to give. If your mind has been opened by the Holy Spirit to understand what Jesus has done for you personally you might fail many times but there will be a desire to live a life that will honour Christ in everything you do. If you just don’t care then you’d have to ask yourself ,”Am I really saved”?

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