The God of All Nations

Isaiah 14

The God of All Nations

Of Isaiah chapters 13-23 one writer has said, “… these oracles are not so much an announcement of doom upon the nations as they are an announcement of salvation to Israel if she would trust her Lord. Without doubt the nations never heard these words or, if so, only second-hand, but Israel heard them first-hand”

The word against the oppressor Babylon in this chapter begins in chapter 13 and continues through this chapter to verse 23. The remainder of chapter  is a word directed against the Philistines.

We are reminded that God is sovereign over all the world and ultimately all nations and individuals are accountable to Him. As Romans 11:32 says, “God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all”. The call to embrace God’s Christ goes to all nations.


1 Thessalonians 2

Faith Can Lead to Suffering

The nature of God’s Gospel is such that it brings life and salvation to those who embrace the Saviour. But it can also bring suffering and opposition as it did in Thessalonica. Salvation and suffering were often companions as the good news went out into the world.

As the attitude of our society changes towards the Christian Faith we should not be surprised if we experience something of what was common when this letter was written.

Let us pray that we will always be gentle, loving and courteous but not surprised if the truths we hold dear provoke hostility and anger in others.




One thought on “The God of All Nations

  1. Thank you Harry
    What a privilege and responsibility we have to proclaim our Lord and to rest in His arms.
    The world sure is in turmoil and we are to be encouraged by those of the early church who lifted their eyes to the Lord
    We have the privilege of knowing their example and God’s Word to follow which they have left us through the Lord
    What a Mighty Lord we know and serve
    He loves us so much

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