Psalm 35

Reading Psalms 

When we read the Psalms we need to do so first in their original context and then see there connection to Jesus and then to us. The danger of jumping from a Psalm to our lives is that we sometimes miss the point of the Psalm or we end of saying the Psalm is irrelevant to us because it might not describe my current life situation. 

The paradigm that is helpful in the case of this Psalm is that it is aboutDavid, about Jesus, and for Gods people. 

  • Davids experience 

Davids experience in this Psalm is of being under threat. There are opponents who are contending with him. He had many opponents in his life so the particular is not certain. He has done good to them and been repaid with evil (12). When he struggles and stumbles his opponents are filled with glee as they mock and slander him. There is a feel of loneliness and isolation with enemy mocking from afar. 

  • Davids appeal to the Lord

David is calling out to the Lord. He prayers have been unanswered. He continues to pray appealing to the Lord to contend for him (23). V26-27 is an interesting moment of the Genesis 12.3 promise being personalised to an individual. 

I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse 

Genesis 12.3 

  • Jesus experience 

Jesus faced many contenders and we often see him turning to time to the Lord in the midst of ministry. The clearest moment is in the garden of Gethsemane when he appeals to his Father. Like David there is a personal nature when he speaks. There is an intimacy of relationship between David and Yahweh taken to a deeper level in Jesus and the Father. 

  • Jesus appeal to the Lord

In that moment in the garden Jesus appeal is for another way but there is a submission to the Father. When he says your will not my will there is a depth pain and submission. In the Psalm we see David being dealing with contenders and even though his prayers have not been answered the way he would like he keeps going to the Lord. The circumstance is undesirable but that does not undermine his desire for the Lord. 

  • Jesus relationships of shame and delight for Gods people

In Jesus the Genesis 12 promise and Psalm 35.26-27 idea is taken to a greater depth. In Jesus the ultimate blessing or curse occurs through him. Language of remaining in him as a blessing (John 15) and the exclusivity of access to the Father (John 3). The promise of Gensis 12 is personalised to David and realised in Jesus. In Gods story blessing or cursing is not determined by good and bad behaviour but by relationship to the Messiah. 

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